Grow Bags For Terrace Garden

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Grow Bags for Terrace Garden

When you go for terrace gardening it is very important to select the right container for growing plants. Here I would like to introduce the best selling grow bags for Terrace Garden from Rochfern which will help you to take appropriate decision to choose according to your need. Here we introduce the best-selling grow bags from our collection which has received good reviews in Since 2017 Rochfern grow bags have shown consistency in their quality and performance.

LDPE Grow Bags from Rochfern

It comes in three outer colours viz white, terracotta and green. Grow Bags are made out of Virgin Polyethylene. UV treated for longer outdoor life in both cold and hot weather. Suitable for growing vegetables in rooftop gardens and small spaces in your backyard.


What is the Ideal Size of the Grow Bag?

It depends on the crop you wish to grow you can see the details from the table given below

Size Dimension Use
Small 20x16x16 Cm Coriander, mint, flower plant like rose, etc
Medium 35x20x20 Cm Vegetables and plants above
Large 40x24x24 Cm Bush pepper, turmeric, ginger, and all plants above
Extra Large 60x34x20 Cm Cauliflower, Cabbage, Potato, cassava, and all above plants
Super Large 60x36x24 Cm All the above plants

Rochfern Size Chart

It will help you to get an idea about the relative size of bags, selection of right bag size is very important it mainly depends on the type of crop you grow, space available in the garden. If you go for large bags you need more growing medium It will make bags heavy and difficult to move, at the very same time it is a need in the case of large size perennial crops.


White outside and black inner side

The white outer side will reflect sunlight thereby decrease the temperature in the root zone and black inside will prevent the entry of sunlight thereby protecting the root system from direct exposure to sunlight. Dark cool conditions in the root zone simulate natural ground. But in the case of color grow bags it will not reflect the full spectrum of sunlight but it looks good. White grow bags are considered ideal for tropical areas.


Perforation for Drainage

Rochfern grow bag comes with drainage holes that ensure proper drainage, it will reduce the incidence of root rot due to waterlogging.



The success of grow bag farming depends on right selection of grow bags. Usually, one plant is grown in one bag, but it depends on the type of vegetable used for growing generally prefer to plant one in each bags ( eg. tomato, okra, chilies) but in the case of green leafy vegetables it can be multiple numbers ( eg. coriander leaf, mint, etc. ). You can make your own grow bags with a plastic sack or material like jute bags etc if available. But it is better to use the grow bags for growing vegetables because it is specially designed with a dark inner layer that simulates natural growing conditions. Rochfern Grow Bags are made out of Virgin Polyethylene, it can be used for a duration of a minimum of two years and reusable.


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