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Key Features of Rochfern grow bags

  • All products are made from virgin polyethylene
  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Lightweight hence ease of handling
  • Strong and durable
  • UV stabilized, for  life longer in sunny outdoors
  • 100% recyclable; environment-friendly
  • Available in a variety of attractive outer colours like white, terracotta, and other colours.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, superlarge

Grow Bag Large (Set of 15),
Size: 24x24x40 cms, White

Grow Bags Medium (Pack of 10), Size: 35x20x20 cms, White

Grow Bag Large (Set of 15),
Size: 24x24x40 cms, Terracotta

Grow Bags (Pack of 10),
Size: 35x20x20 cms, Terracotta

More Products

Grow Bag Super Large
(Pack of 8), Size: 60x36x24 cms

Nursery Grow Bag (Set of 6)
Size: 60x36x24 cms, Black

ROCHFERN Two (2 Nos) Dendrobium Live Orchids
–Tissue Culture Plants –
Assorted Colour

Semicircular Wall Hanging Planter Coir and Iron
Size: 10 inches

Rochfern Vertical
Gardening Pot
(Pack of 12 Nos)

Grow Bag Extra Large
(Pack of 8)
Size: 60x34x20 Cms, white

Grow Bag Large (Pack of 8)
Size: 24x24x40 cms, White

Dancing girl orchid,
Oncidium Yellow Orchid,
Live Plant without flowers

Grow Bags Small (Pack of 15) Size: 30x16x16 cms, white

Rochfern Grow Bag,
Extra Large,
Size: 60x34x20 Cms, Terracotta

Grow Bags Small (Pack of 30) Size: 30x16x16cm, Terracotta

Grow Bag Large (Set of 15)
Size: 24x24x40 Cms, Terracotta

Rochfern Hanging
pots / Plants

Grow Bags Selection Guide

Size Dimension Use
Small 20x16x16 Cm Coriander, mint, flower plant like rose, etc
Medium 35x20x20 Cm Vegetables and plants above
Large 40x24x24 Cm Bush pepper, turmeric, ginger and all plants above
Extra Large 60x34x20 Cm Cauliflower, Cabbage, Potato, cassava, and all above plants
Super Large 60x36x24 Cm All the above plants

What Customers Are Saying

After 9 months of purchasing, my orchids grew beautiful flowers though I am still for other 2 to bloom…one out of the five died. The sellers always guide you through WhatsApp. I’ve recommended to few of my friends too who too got healthy plants. Overall a very happy and satisfying experience.


Amazon Verified Purchase

“Value for money, Great Buy,on time delivery. Serves the purpose, value for money i bought it for my younger daughter..who recently became enthusiastic over gardening.. she planted a rose plant. its been a week..it started budding..”

Satyanarayana Govindaraju

Amazon Verified Purchase

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